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Electro-mechanical, energetic and chemical engineering

Integrated system for membrane permeability tests - Tecnalia – 2011

Integrated system for membrane permeability tests – Tecnalia – 2011

In Demede Engineering & Research we are specialists in control systems, allowing us to develop automatic systems controlled from your computer through a PLC with communication based on Ethernet or Wireless. Our applications include the development of the user interface and data export for following processing. We provide highly accurate proprietary solutions in process control systems, such as solid and liquid dosing, mass flow control of gases, liquid-gas automatic separators and temperature controlled saturators. We develop our systems with the most advanced materials for use in high temperature, high pressure and high vacuum, corrosive and abrasive conditions, using alloys such as HastelloyInconel, Haynes, Monel, Kovar, Invar, Rene, Incoloy, Nitronic, SS316 y SS310, another as Cuarzo, Pyrex, Zafiro, Teflón, Kalrez, Kevlar, Novaflón and Novaphit.

Green Engineering

Ingenieria Verde We work according to the rules of Green Chemistry and Engineering, following the principles of sustainability, economy, waste reduction and technological improvements in all our processes. Visit at References page, our projects in catalytic reduction of gaseous pollutants, activated synthesis through ball mills and ice making from solar heat.

Process control

Sistema de control PLC pantalla táctil SCADA We focus on process control by PLC with touchscreen interface due to its robustness and accuracy of execution and the remote PC SCADA due to comfort and versatility for users. Our technical staff is specialised in instrumentation and measurement, and we use the most reputable equipment manufacturers.

Electronic design

PCB diseño placa electronica Circuito Impreso Our electronic design department is specialised in electronic products design, microprocessor control boards for prototypes and new technology products. We have the tools necessary to design, manufacture and prototype boards programming and validation for the series production stage.

Mechanical design

Diseño CAD 3D Catia Inventor copy Our engineering department designs using Catia and Inventor 3D  the equipments before manufacturing and it is specialised in structural design, strength of materials, chemical compatibility and thermal and mechanical simulation.


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