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Research in new sustainable products and processes

Anaerobic digestion system in 12 micro-reactors - Universidad de Cádiz - 2013

Anaerobic digestion system in 12 micro-reactors – Universidad de Cádiz – 2013

Demede Engineering & Research is working on their own research projects and in partnership with companies and universities in areas such as sustainable energy, chemical synthesis and Nanotechnology.  Our main areas of work are power generation from biomass, solar ice production, new pharmaceutical flow synthesis systems and new products in Nanotechnology.

Solar refrigeration

In partnership with TTC and Solar Roof, we offer facilities for R&D in low temperature refrigeration using solar energy. Access the live webcam of the installation at Fuerteventura, in Canary Islands, for ice production from solar thermal energy.

Biomass power generation

Demede Engineering and Research provide electrical production systems from biomass via gasification and gas turbines or combustion engines, for R&D in offshore production.

Mechano-chemistry and supercritical fluids

Planta piloto reacción agua subcrítica bomba hplc reactor vasija agitada y flujo pistón, separadores líquido gas, control presión y temperatura TECNALIA 10022In partnership with Nanoinnova Technologies and OpenChimia we provide new synthesis processes with supercritical fluids and mechano-chemical activation in order to obtain new processes according to the principles of Green Chemistry.

High pressure flow synthesis

Planta piloto reacción fase líquida en flujo control presión y separador líquido gasIn association with Synthelia Organics we provide developments of new synthesis in flow reactors at high pressure, in homogeneous or heterogeneous phase. We can offer both fitting a flow reaction in our microreactor pilot plant, and the turnkey projet of production plant at your facilities.


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