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Process pilot plants and industrial scales


Synthesis at high pressure flow reactor

Planta piloto reacción fase líquida en flujo control presión y separador líquido gas

  • Tubular reactors from 1 mL to 50 L
  • Control of liquid dosing by high pressure pumps, HPLC or industrial
  • Mass flow control of reactant gasses
  • Control reaction temperature up to 500 ° C
  • Reaction pressure control by automatic back pressure valves

Catalytic membrane reactors and reactors for pollutant control

Sistema permeación membranas inorgánicas alta temperatura reactor tubular

  • Tubular reactors up to 100 L
  • Control of reaction temperature up to 1000 ° C in furnace with 6 control areas
  • Reaction isothermicity up to + -2%
  • Gas flow control and dosing of process pollutants
  • Pressure control and separation of condensable

Supercritical Fluid Extraction, Water and Carbon Dioxide

Planta piloto reacción agua subcrítica bomba hplc reactor vasija agitada y flujo pistón, separadores líquido gas, control presión y temperatura TECNALIA 10022

  • Tubular reactors and stirred vessels up to 1000 bar
  • Temperature control up to 500ºC
  • Control of high pressure dosing solvent until supercritical conditions
  • Extracts separation systems with controlled pressure and temperature

Pilot plants and test benches for anaerobic digestion

  • Stirred tank reactors up to 1000 L
  • Control temperature up to thermophile zone
  • Transfer of effluent controlled for hydraulic residence time control
  • Measurement of biogas production from 1 mL/h up to 1000 L/h
  • Measure and control of PH, redox potential and biogas composition analysis

Pilot plants for gasification and pyrolysis

Reactor gasificación pirólisis lecho fluido y fijo dosificación sólidos

  • Fixed and fluidized bed reactors
  • Reaction temperature control up to 1200°C
  • Reforming and catalytic cracking of products
  • Control of gasifying agent and gaseous reactants
  • Gas product processing, cyclonic filtration, separation of condensable

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