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Test benches for R&D


Reactor test benches for multipurpose tests, hydrogenation reactors, bioreactors, pharmaceutical synthesis, catalytic oxidation reactors and reformers

Reactores multipropósito, reactores de hidrogenación, biorreactores, síntesis farmacéutica, reactores de oxidación catalítica, reformadores

  •  Control of working pressure up to 1500 bar.
  •  Control of reaction temperature up to 1500 ° C
  •  Mass flow control of gaseous or liquid reactants
  •  Solid dosage control.
  •  Separation of products L / G in micro-volume vessel.

Turbine, compressors and nozzles test rigs, for aerospace teaching and research

Banco ensayos compresores turbina y toberas supersónicas control y monitorización labview en pc

  • Axial and radial turbines up to 50,000 rpm
  • Axial Compressors up to 100kW
  • Subsonic and supersonic nozzles, convergent-divergent
  • Flow control, rpm’s, torque, pressures and temperatures.
  • Full SCADA PC

Test bench for turbojets and jet engines, for teaching and research

Aerorreactor UC3M

  • Measure of thrust up to 2000 N
  • Power control, fuel flow and turbine flow rate, rpm’s, static and total pressures and temperatures.
  • Full SCADA PC

Test benches for thermal and photovoltaic solar collectors, for teaching and research in renewable energies


  • System for simulation and control of solar radiation up to 1000 W/m2 irradiance
  • Control of thermal fluid flow, temperature and pressure in circuit and power dissipation control.
  • Control of electric power dissipation, measurement and monitoring of voltage and current up to 200VDC – 20 Amp.

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