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Prototypes and new product development


Reader of arrays for image diagnostic, DADO

Lector-Arrays-DADO-co copy

  • Microplate 96 well
  • Automatic image capture for colorimetry analysis

Micro-flow gas counter, MICRO-GAS COUNTER.

Medidor microcaudal de gas desplazamiento liquido MICROGASCOUNTER (2)

  • Volume measurement by liquid displacement
  • Flow range from 1mL/h up to 10L/h
  • Digital and analog signal for volume and flow rate
  • Biogas and syngas suitable

Carbon Vapor Deposition reactor for Nanotechnology, CVD

CVD Chemical Carbon vapour deposition Nanotubos de Carbono

  • Quartz reactor from 30 to 60 mm diameter
  • Mass flow control of gas and liquid reactants
  • Saturator of liquid carbon source with temperature control
  • Reaction temperature up to 1500 ° C
  • Controlled cooling system for samples

High pressure pumps for high precision continuous dosing

Bomba dosificacion liquidos alta presion 2

  • Volume of cylinder from 100 to 1000 mL
  • Pressure up to 250 bar
  • Flow control from 0.001 to 200 mL / min
  • Corrosive fluids and solvents suitable
  • Heating and cooling jacket for reactants temperature control

Graphene Suspensions Printer, GS-PRINTER

  • Modification of printer to print graphene nanoparticle suspensions in different solutions
  • Heating system of the printing surface between 25°C and 100°C
  • Visualization of print area by high speed camera

Evaporation-mixing system for reactants

  • Organic solvents, catalytic liquids or solutions
  • Integrated temperature control up to 400ºC
  • Mass flow control of reactant and carrier gas
  • Suitable for corrosive and special reactants as Ferrocen

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